Diana L. Sanchez Uriostegui

Diana L. Sanchez Uriostegui

Diana L. Sanchez Uriostegui is a traditional Mexika-Nahuatl Aztec dancer from Mexico, born in Chicago, with dual citizenship as well as “earth-based responsibility” citizenship. Diana has a BA in Marketing Advertising communications from Columbia College in Chicago. Diana lived in New York for a handful of years where she worked at Reynardus Moya Advertising, Sonic 360, a London based record label, and became the first female Spanish Rock promoter to bridge local rock bands and new music from Chicago, New York, L.A. and Mexico.

Since 1999, Diana has created atmosphere, collaborated with other productions and swayed new artists into working on her independent music, arts, culture, and environmental productions under her production name: Aztec She Warrior. In 2014-2015, as Vice President of Education for Michigan Avenue Toastmasters International (MAT), the club accomplished the Distinguish Club award, meeting 10/10 year goals. Toastmasters International is a 400,000 membership world-wide organization. During her 2014-2015 VP of Education term, she created more leaders and motivated new and old members to reach educational goals weekly.

She contributes to HACE’s board practiced skills gained from MAT such as, professional development, competent presentation speaking skills and competent leadership. Diana completed three educational programs 2014-2015: Toastmasters International C.C. (Competent Communicator-10 speeches) and C.L. (Competent Leadership); graduated from Proyecto Odysea (5 Humanities courses- 1 year) a Bard College of New York based program; and graduated from Mujeres de HACE cohort in 2015.

During her 10 years of experience in hospital medical finance at UIC, she has served the UIC community as an active member of the Green Team, a hospital wide environmental group, one of her “earth-based responsibility” actions.

She has been a Workshop Speaker/facilitator at the annual UIC Woman’s Leadership Symposium in 2013 and 2005. Diana is a Non-degree graduate student at UIC and has taken courses in business, grant writing and wishes to contribute to HACE in an impactful way with these learned skills. Her dream career job makes a braid of her passions: traveling often to Mexico; servicing marketing communications campaigns; arts, music and cultural event planner. Diana’s primary form of transportation is her bicycle, for over 14 years.

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