Paco Lebron


Paco Lebron

Board Vice-Chair

Paco Lebron is the founder of ProdigyTeks Inc., an IT consulting firm specializing in both residential and small business. ProdigyTeks was founded July of 2011, specializing in a wide range of services, including tailored computer services and solutions for residential customers and small- to medium-sized businesses. The company is committed to providing each and every one of its clients with high quality service and support. The firm is located in downtown Chicago.

Over the past eleven years, Paco has excelled at leadership, analysis and operations. He builds infrastructure support, handles SQL database management, and serves others with their computer needs. His bachelor’s in computer engineering technology from DeVry University has helped pave his path of the success in the industry.

While business success is important to Paco, he is passionate about giving back. A product of Humboldt Park, he has spent years assisting the youth of the area with various enrichment programs, community service events and community resources.

Paco serves on HACE’s Young Professionals Board, providing a technical perspective on the goal of creating a pipeline of Latinos for the workplace. Paco and HACE share the same vision of a world where Latinos reach their full potential for themselves and their communities.

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