HACE Professional Development Workshops/Lunch & Learns

HACE delivers informational, impactful and culturally sensitive learning content to small and large corporate groups to empower Latino employees to become better leaders at work, home and in their communities. Each session is customizable for a Lunch & Learn session or half-a-day intensive workshops. Here is a list in order of popularity.


Workshop Options

  • Building Effective Partnerships: This workshop provides the tools and resources for participants to establish effective relationships and networks, both in their careers and personal lives. Participants are introduced tools and resources to expand networking capabilities and develop mentoring strategies. Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours.

  • HACE's Latino Professional Pulse© (Latino Diversity Seminar): This workshop highlights the diversity among Latinos utilizing the census and the 2016 HACE annual pulse© survey of Latino career trends/preferences. Inclusive of other cultures and provides business units with best recruitment and retention practices such as ERG strategies for Latino employees. Duration: 1 hour.

  • Developing Your Personal Brand
    This workshop guides participants towards gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves based off their strengths. Participants will gain an understanding of the foundations of branding, nature of perceptions, how to manage perceptions, and how to communicate a clear and consistent brand message.
    Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours.

  • HACE Insights© Discovery Leadership Assessment & Self Awareness: This session helps individuals walk through the self-discovery process to understand how to becoming effective as a manager, leader, or contributor. Participants will learn about their individual strengths, possible blind-spots, best communication practices, all in which help them perform at their highest level. Participants to learn how to maximize their leadership capabilities and how these manifests themselves: results leadership, visionary leadership, relationship leadership, centered leadership. An additional $190 per person for assessment tool. Duration: 3 hours.

  • Achieving Optimal Work-Life Integration: This workshop aims towards creating a complete understanding of the constraints Latina professionals face when trying to achieve this balance. Participants are provided with the steps and resources for achieving optimal work life balance. Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours.

  • Building Trust and Managing Change: This session will focus on the importance of interpersonal relations to lead individuals, and teams effectively. Participants will increase their awareness on earning, and building trust even when the stakes are high (fast pace and uncertainty). In addition, participants will receive real-life examples and tools to help them to navigate change. There will be emphasis in the importance of contingency planning (“Plan B”) to manage change. Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours.

  • Assertive & Strategic Communication: Learning successful techniques to manage verbal and written communication will position participants in an advantageous position as they will practice them during the program. They will learn tips to manage e-mail, writing for impact, communicate ideas effectively and articulately to all levels in their organization. Duration: 2 hours.

  • Managing a Multi-Generational Latino Workforce: This workshop explores the workforce interaction of the WWII, baby boomers, generation X, and millennials, discusses preferred and best practices of communication and engagement for productivity. Duration: 60 minutes.

  • Strengthening Your Negotiation & Influence Skills: This workshop is a new session that gives the participants the tools to effectively communicate and influence ideas, practices, personal career salary and trajectory, helping to drive career success via this critical business practice. Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours.


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