*IMPORTANT NOTICE: 2021 programs will be virtual





Mujeres de HACE is a women’s leadership program geared to empower high potential Latina professionals
, at manager level or above (OR those with potential seeking to obtain a manager level role or above), to succeed professionally and thrive personally by providing insight, access and professional development in an effective manner: individualized, culturally relevant curricula and via collaboration, mentoring and powerful relationships that continue beyond completion of the program.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Proven leadership skills and abilities
  • Defined career goals
  • Manager, director level OR with potential to obtain these roles


Key Program Components:

  • Individualized Leadership Assessment
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching Session
  • Discover Leadership Style & Influence
  • Develop Your Personal Brand
  • Practice Negotiation & Influence
  • Build Effective Partnerships & Network
  • Utilize Financial Planning Tips & Tools
  • Achieve Optimal Work-Life Integration
  • Team Projects on Leadership
  • Mujeres de HACE alumnae network of nearly 1,500 women in 10 cities

Participant Benefits:

  • Broaden and deepen your professional network locally and nationally
  • Build empowering and motivating relationships
  • Become deeply engaged in the community
  • Access to Mujeres de HACE Alumnae Network
  • Develop a personal career plan
  • Discount to HACE Leadership Program for Emerging Latino Leaders
  • Individualized Assessment and Executive Coaching
  • Culturally Relevant and Applicable Curriculum Powerful and Strategic Relationships

Employer Benefits:

  • Increased engagement and retention from participants
  • Improved employee productivity and results
  • Access to influential and senior-level Latina professionals

Program Impact

  • 70% of program participants report a promotion within six months of completing program
  • 80% report a salary increase within six months of completing program
  • 80% report serving on non-profit board or volunteering after program
  • 100% would recommend program to a colleague


Session I
Orientation – HACE/Insight & Coaching
Session II
Discover Leadership Style & Influence: Participants assess and examine personal beliefs, cultural traits, and leadership styles and behaviors to increase self-awareness and reduce blind spots for personal and professional effectiveness. Participants gain the tools to take steps towards action and execution.
Session III
Develop Personal Brand & Strategic Networks: This session guides participants towards gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves based on their strengths. Session expands understanding of the foundations of branding, how to manage perceptions, and communicate a clear and consistent brand message to support the strategic expansion of your network.
Session IV
Utilize Financial Planning Tips & Tools: Provides a comprehensive approach that starts with helping define financial goals, develop a plan, and learn how to track progress along the way. The session addresses the most common mistakes Latinas make when handling personal finances.
Session V
Achieve Optimal Work-Life Integration: This session discusses in depth the constraints Latina professionals face when trying to achieve this balance. Participants are provided with the steps and resources for achieving optimal work-life integration.
Session VI
Practice Negotiation: This session gives participants the tools to effectively communicate and influence ideas, practices, personal career salary and trajectory, helping to drive career success via this critical business practice.
Session VII
Team Presentations: As the final session, participants conduct research as teams and present their findings on projects related to leadership theories, Latino influences and civic engagement, incorporating elements from the Mujeres de HACE program.
Graduation     All stakeholders, sponsors, and participants are recognized.

2021 Session Dates

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All sessions will be held via Zoom.

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