As a professional in Corporate Diversity at NBCUniversal, Anthony Izzo, learned about HACE through the company’s investment & partnership with Mujeres de HACE. He’s had the opportunity to support and host the New York cohort at NBC headquarters for the past two years.

“I was struck by the sense of empowerment, professionalism and dedication each participant strives to achieve during each workshop; their stories inspired me, their career drive was impressive, and their sense of identity was strong.”

Through HACE’s cohorts, Anthony was able to witness firsthand how fulfilling it can be to see a group of diverse thought leaders in one room taking the next step towards their future careers. HACE allows Anthony to promote what NBCUniversal strives to achieve in all facets, inclusion and appreciation of diverse cultures and perspectives. Creating a culture of inclusion and appreciation is priority to him.

“We all have a voice, let’s make sure we all receive that platform to succeed.”

A “valued authentic self” is something he strives to accomplish with all his partnerships and interactions at NBCUniversal.

NBCUniversal has been a partner of HACE for a few years; supporting the Mujeres de HACE program in various regions such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. As a partner, NBCUniversal offers employees a chance to enroll in the program.

“We provide on-site space, logistics and support to host their leadership workshops and secure executives/talent to support their signature events.”

Overall, Anthony has learned that the power of collaboration and relationships are a powerful thing. Through NBCUniversal and HACE’s partnership, employees receive valuable insight and access to a strong network of professionals and career development.

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