I originally heard about HACE during college, but wasn’t fully informed until I met the CEO, Patricia, at a “Proud to be Latina” event earlier this year. I was extremely impressed with HACE and what we do as an organization for the Latino community. When I went to observe the Young Professional Board meeting, I instantly knew it was filled with passionate, professional and thriving young people and I NEEDED to be a part of such an awesome group. I have been a part of HACE for a short 3 months, but dove head first and first joined the Young Professional Board then became Community Service Chair for the Young Professionals Board.

As a member of the Young Professional Board, we have a responsibility to represent HACE’s values and mission to the community at large. We also have the duty of fundraising: assisting in the sale of tickets to fundraisers and/or the planning and execution of events to financially benefit the organization. We also focus on professional development: members of the HACE Young Professionals Board will participate in their own professional development through their duties as well as through leveraging the organization’s relationships and resources.

Being a part of HACE even in my short time has been such a great learning experience. Each member of the Young Professionals Board is impressive, successful, talented and passionate about doing good for the Latino community. What I have already gained from this group in my short time is the concept of giving back to one’s own community. Each member of the YPB has seen success in both their professional and personal lives but what is most important to the group is to keep that momentum going in the community. “Success has little meaning if others around you are failing”

Since I am still new I would have to say my favorite memory so far would have to be our Summer fundraiser “Verano Velada”. The funniest part of the night was chatting with some of the HACE ladies and mentioning my Boricua background and we all started yelling because we realized we were all Puerto Rican and got really excited!

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