Through my HACE internship, I learned how to be more confident in the field I have chosen – communications. HACE allowed me to take this internship and run with it and it has truly benefited me. I was able to use my creative mindset in a different and exciting way through social media. My supervisor, Vanessa, gave me the liberty to do whatever I wanted creatively, which allowed me to bring awareness to different events for the Latino community.

Networking was by far my favorite part about this internship. It was great to meet individuals that came from my same background. They gave me the confidence to surpass whatever obstacles I may have been facing at the time and to not see my culture as a setback, but rather embrace it. This internship has truly prepared me for the next stage in my career by giving me the skills and experience needed to excel in my current internships at First Midwest Bank as a communications intern and at the Chicago Bears as marketing and research intern.

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