Araceli Lagunas

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Marketing & Community Engagement Manager

Araceli is the Marketing & Community Engagement Manager at the Hispanic Alliance of Career Enhancement where she focuses on supporting member and alumni communications initiatives throughout HACE’s digital communities and programs. By developing engaging digital content and marketing campaigns, Araceli works to elevate and share the compelling stories of the professionals and communities the organization serves.

Born and raised in the Southwest Side of Chicago, Araceli graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She is a marketing & communications professional who has considerable experience in organically curating meaningful content on various information-rich communication channels. Her volunteer service at one of the largest charter high schools in Chicago as an alum and one of the founding members of the Noble Alumni Association led to her personal mission of supporting the career journey for current and future generations of changemakers.

As a granddaughter of Mexican-Immigrant grandparents, Araceli ties her work with the sentiment shared by her grandparents, “The impossible is always possible”. Her personal experiences as a Latina Professional, learning how to navigate different spaces, has emboldened her to pursue a career that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities. Together, we are changing the narrative. We are creating a space that empowers professionals from diverse backgrounds to access resources/opportunities to develop and network to reach their full potential.