Whether you are a student in high school or college, a professional or in transition in your career, HACE is committed to supporting your ongoing development and advancement as a Latino professional. HACE’s programs are designed to address the unique cultural values and challenges faced by Latinos and transform high-potential Latino professionals into high-performing and courageous leaders. The programs help participants develop the skills necessary to produce immediate and sustainable results for themselves and organizations they serve. Programs are offered in various cities across the United States. 

Applications are due by June 15th for the following programs:
Mujeres de HACE, Hombres de HACE, Elevando Latino Leadership Program, and Multicultural Leadership Program

El Futuro is a career development program for high school students that is aimed toward helping them achieve better college entrance and completion rates by improving their prospects for fulfilling careers.

HACE’s university programs offer students access to our large network of employer partners and professional members by providing insight, access, and professional development opportunities. 

Spring & Fall Cohorts

Mujeres de HACE is a women’s program geared to empower high-potential Latina professionals to succeed professionally and thrive personally while providing insight, access, and professional development.

Through culturally relevant curriculum, participants will reflect on their leadership traits and competencies by examining how they intersect with gender and cultural nuances, which impact Latinos in the workplace. The program aims to strengthen the pipeline of Latino/x /e talent.

HACE Colores aims to provide a safe environment for participants to enhance their leadership skills so they can lead authentically, confidently, and effectively. Participants will explore various challenges and opportunities that are specific to the intersectional LGBTQIA+ community.

Spring & Fall Cohorts

The Elevando Latino Leadership Program, formerly known as the Emerging Latino Leaders Program, is a dynamic and intensive Action Learning Experience that transforms high-potential Latino/a/x/e professionals into high-performing leaders. 

The Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) is designed for professionals of color to build self-awareness on the cultural values and unique challenges faced in the workplace.

ALZA Advanced Latino Leadership Program is a dynamic and culturally relevant program. It is designed to elevate Latino/a/x/e leaders’ careers by preparing them for C-Suite level roles.