The vast majority of famous Latinos use some sort of social media. However, how many of those use their social media to either speak up about social injustices or to empower their communities? Below are 5 Latinos who use their social media platforms to empower their audiences by being leaders both on and offline. Here are the top five people who we think can bring positive value to their audiences by speaking up for those who can’t.


Janet is president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, which is the largest civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Janet’s parents taught her the value of hard work and giving back early in her life. She has continued her parent’s teaching and had created a platform to empower Latinos.

Reason to follow? She was awarded the “Ohtli Award”, Mexican government’s highest award for foreigners. She was also the first Hispanic to give a keynote speech at the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity breakfast in 2008.
Janet Murguia


Jorge is known for many things: being the news anchor of Univision, being an author, and a one of the most respected Latino journalist of our time. What’s most important about Jorge Ramos is that he doesn’t remain silent about social injustices that affect his community. He uses his earned status to empower and inform his audiences.

Reason to follow? Do you watch the news? No? Well, Jorge Ramos will make sure you hear about any injustices that affect the Latino community.
Jorge Ramos


Yoani is a Cuban blogger that has accumulated a huge following for portraying life in Cuba. Having been born in Cuba, Yoani experienced a lifestyle that restricted her growth. She started writing blogs to help aid her frustration and to bring awareness to the rich culture that is trapped in Cuba.

Reason to follow? You’ll probably hear more about the social issues that Cuba faces from her than from any other person on social media period.
Yoani Sanchez


Alberto is a television executive at Univision. He has worked at Televisa as the VP of programming for 15 years prior to being with Univision. Alberto was able to elevate Univision to new heights by helping it become the network it is now.

Reason to Follow? He credits his success to an early depression that allowed him to become self-aware. A lot of his posts are motivational and wants to empower those who are going through a depression.
Alberto Curiana


Diane is most recently known for her book, In the Country We Love: My Family Divided. She is also an actress in many Netflix series and short films. However, what she’s most passionate about is being an activist for civil rights to prevent deportations. Diane’s parents were deported when she was 14 years old. Ever since then, Diane has made it her mission to empower and bring awareness to the battles of children with immigrant parents.

Reason to Follow? She has already made a huge impact on immigration by bringing awareness to the issue through her book and TV show appearances. She is still early in her acting career and will only continue to be a public feature. Expect great things from her in the future both acting and empowering women.
Diane Guerrero