DePaul University
My HACE and ADP experience
After coming across HACE’s Facebook post about their University Leadership Day on September 13 at DePaul, I was instantly all in. As a DePaul student, it was super convenient for me as well. HACE’s University Leadership Day hosted three panel discussions that I was able participate and listen in on. One panel was focused on STEM careers, the others included Latinas in the Workforce, and Professional development. After the panel discussions a networking event took place where various companies and employers spoke to Latino students and exposed them to the various opportunities available to them. That night, I found networking extremely valuable. HACE does a wonderful job preparing Latino students for the real world by providing them the resources to excel and strive. Networking is extremely crucial as a college student! It is important to have the ability to communicate and connect with professionals because a small conversation can turn into something much larger if you speak on your goals in a professional and confident manner.

As I was going around learning more about the companies and meeting new people, I reached ADP and spoke with their campus recruiter, Gigi Alfonso, who seemed very interested, engaging, and passionate about ADP. Our conversation began as something very much like every other but ended with a high level of interest as Gigi passed her business card over and requested that I send my resume over as soon as possible for an internship program at ADP. I sent Gigi my resume and from that moment forward the process flew by like the snap of a finger. An interview was scheduled, I interviewed with professionals in the company, and received a call back all in a matter of two weeks in which I was offered the summer internship position.

I am currently in the second week of my internship with ADP and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity. I am working in an environment with top professionals in a great company and gaining real life experience working with live clients. This is allowing me to showcase my skills through different mediums and projects, while developing new ones at the same time. Those around me are willing to guide me to where I need to be and advise in any situation. This is truly a wonderful opportunity and I am so happy about where HACE has led me to!
Si Se Puede!

Written by Bianca Flores