John Moreno-Escobar

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VP of Development & Strategic Initiatives

John Moreno-Escobar is originally from Bogota, Colombia. He migrated to NYC when he was 18. He is an experienced and visionary education and business executive with over 14 years of leadership expertise. He has successfully driven strategic initiatives and achieved impactful outcomes within the education sector. Possess a deep understanding of the K-12 and Higher Ed landscape, focusing on promoting access, equity, and student success.

He is skilled in leading teams, fostering collaboration, and delivering innovative educational programs. John has designed and implemented leadership programming, empowering individuals to develop essential skills and drive positive change. John is committed to leveraging education as a catalyst for societal transformation.

John successfully launched for-profit and not-for-profit educational initiatives that have positively impacted thousands of youths, parents, and communities in New York City, South Florida, and Colombia and established partnerships worth over $5 million.

He is a published author in the book “Today’s Inspired Leaders: Stories of Impact, Community, and Legacy.” he is an ASPEN Global Leadership Network Fellow and is part of multiple boards.

John holds an associate’s Degree in Business Administration from LaGuardia Community College (CUNY-NYC), a bachelor’s Degree in Public Affairs from Baruch College (CUNY-NYC), and an M.P.A from the same institution.