Justo Arellano

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Partnership Engagement Manager

Justo Arellano is the Senior Partnership Engagement Manager at the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. He joined HACE to continue his work of advocating for Latinos.  Justo is a bridge builder and connector with a strong desire to help the next generation by producing resources that can assist Latinos in becoming more effective leaders, not only in their desired fields, but in their communities, as well. Justo was one of the youngest Latinos to be employed at the House of Representatives.  As a congressional staffer, he assisted residents on their path to citizenship, while also empowering them to become productive members of society.

Justo is an experienced and trusted advisor with a demonstrated history in both Politics and Nonprofit organizational management.  He is passionate about inclusion and making people feel a sense of belonging. His goal is to make sure that everyone, regardless of their own identity, is heard, included, and celebrated.  Justo inspires his colleagues to lead at the intersection of identity, equity, and unity by encouraging open mindedness, an embrace of change, and to see adversity as an opportunity where success awaits.