Melinda Ramirez

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Director of Leadership Programs

Melinda E. Ramírez is a proud HACE alumna, military spouse, and mother from NY.  She is a former entrepreneur, executive coach, and non-profit director. Melinda is passionate about helping individuals and organizations rise to their full potential. For over 15 years, Melinda has helped individuals transform their lives through personal and career development. She has also helped organizations instill systems to improve productivity, sales effectiveness, staff cohesion, partner relations, and diversity policies. Since 2006, Melinda has been deeply committed to HACE as a program participant (Mujeres de HACE and Emerging Latino Leaders Program), Mujeres de HACE NYC Alumnae Board Member, El Futuro NYC STEM Conference Co-Host, Mujeres de HACE Program Lead, and Insights Discovery Executive Coach. Melinda currently resides in TN.