President’s Message 09/14/23

Dear HACE Familia,

I thank you for your continued support of the HACE mission to positively impact workplaces by cultivating a pipeline of Latino/e/x/a and diverse talent!

As we have embarked on the second half of 2023, we continue to push our work forward as we focus on our theme: HACE United, Accelerating Equity with Action & Accountability. We encourage you to continue to do your part in helping us build more inclusive and equitable spaces for not only our Latino/e/x/a community but for ALL.

As a staunch advocate for access and equity, it is an honor to serve as HACE’s president and CEO. Such an important role comes a responsibility to ensure we, as a nonprofit organization, are always on the right path with our mission and people at the forefront. In presentations and discussion panels, I am frequently asked to speak on the facts, data, best practices, and leadership tips, inspire our workforce to be themselves, have courageous conversations, and most importantly, be more comfortable with change!

And, changes inevitably will continue. While Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts continue to be threatened such as the recent decision against affirmation action programs on college campuses and other threats over company diversity policies, HACE will continue its work in building inclusive leadership with your partnership. HACE and other actions such as this letter to corporations will continue to push employers to double-down.

Earlier this year, we convened Heads of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)/Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and others with similar roles to share best practices and learnings around three key topics.

Those topics were:
  1. Managing the Polarization and Divisiveness
  2. Understanding the Evolution and Future of the CDO Role
  3. Actionable Solutions for Employee Engagement & Advancement.

You can learn more here.

We look forward to continuing to build on these topics this fall during the next CDO Roundtable on Friday, September 8th in Washington, D.C., hosted by API. Know CDOs or those responsible for leading DEIB strategies? Please send them a note to sign up for this important event.

Whether you are a leader in DEI or HR, part of an Employee/Business Resource Group, ERG/BRG leaders, HACE program alumni, corporate partner, or friend of the organization, we know that you are connected to HACE because you want to make a difference, for yourself and others.

Here are several action steps here/ways to engage with HACE:

How will you and your company accelerate equity this year?

Warmest regards,
Patricia Mota