President’s Message 12/21/23

As we near the end 2023, here at HACE we are looking forward to a productive and meaningful 2024 in a significant way. In fact, our theme is encapsulated in this powerful idea “Avanza—Where Momentum Meets Opportunity!” Avanza is a Spanish word that means “moving forward.” As our organization blends its tradition and innovation, Avanza captures the energy of advancement and a relentless drive toward new heights in a personal and professional way. 

We are infusing this theme in HACE’s upcoming Annual National Leadership Summit and Awards Gala on April 25 and 26 in Chicago. There, corporate leaders, educators, elected officials, employers and many professionals will come together at Convene at Willis Tower to discuss ways to promote, invest and support talent who can grow into leadership roles, defining the mission of diversity and inclusion for major companies. 

Looking back on 2023, HACE has created programs and partnerships with global and well-known businesses that embraces the spirit of Avanza as it guides and uplifts new generations of leaders forging a strong and forward path in their careers. 

  • Our spring Annual National Leadership Summit & Gala welcomed 1,000 attendees from 186 companies and raised almost $850,000 to supplement HACE programming, scholarships and operations. Additionally, HACE celebrated its 15th anniversary of its Mujeres de HACE Leadership Program which empowers high-potential Latina professionals to succeed and thrive while offering insight, access, and professional development.
  • In April, HACE launched the Inaugural ALZA Leadership Program, a culturally relevant program designed to fuel the potential of Latino professionals. Alza is the Spanish word which means “rise” in English. Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase, our organization welcomed 15 JPMC leaders who received guidance and coaching to help these participants obtain transformational leadership skills to achieve their goals, including executive roles.
  • In August, HACE presented Hombres de HACE, a virtual program focusing on developing Latino/x/e leaders to increase representation within the workforce and strengthen the pipeline of this talent. Through a culturally relevant curriculum, participants reflected on their leadership traits and competencies by examining how they intersect with gender and cultural nuances, which impact Latinos in the workplace.  
  • Also in August, HACE entered into a partnership with Trellix, a global company redefining the future of cybersecurity and soulful work, to create a special cohort program called the Emerging Latino Leader Program. This virtual program supported Latino/a/x/e professionals interested in culturally-relevant leadership and cybersecurity opportunities.
  • HACE expanded its reach to the East Coast when it partnered with La Plaza Delaware to create the La Plaza Emerging Leaders Program Initiative. La Plaza of Delaware is a nonprofit organization that assists multicultural entrepreneurs with starting and expanding their businesses. In July, the program celebrated the journey of 13 graduates who completed the program. This partnership was done through HACE’s “Program in a Box” concept which is a franchise-style model of its Emerging Latino Leaders program.
  • HACE announced the launch of its HACE United Campaign in September. The campaign, which ran through December, sought to raise $100,00 for up to 40 $2,500 scholarships supporting Latino/a/x/e college bound students seeking higher education at colleges and universities.
  • We will debut HACE Colores: Leading with Pride in the spring of 2024. This is an LGBTQIA+ cohort program that helps Latino/a/x/e individuals develop strong leadership skills to use in their workplaces while providing a safe and motivating space for community-building and offering an opportunity to expand network and support systems.

We now have over 101,000 members and 4,100 program alumni, with our network expanding to 499 cities, 36 states, and 16 countries. These positive developments outline our commitment to HACE’s mission of helping Latino professionals find employment, develop into confident employees who contribute their time, talents and treasures to their companies, and advancing them with the much-needed tools and advice to grow and succeed. 

As CEO of HACE, I wish our staff, families and supporters a happy and healthy 2024! Let’s move forward together! 
Patricia Mota