President’s Message 10/05/23

Did you know that it takes nearly one more year for a Latina to earn what her non-Hispanic white male counterpart earned the year before in salary or pay?

With so many other great leaders and organizations, we are on a mission to Eliminate Latina Equal Pay Day – Will you join us?

Eliminating the Latina Equal Pay Day gap with a focus on negotiation skills, education, and training involves targeted efforts to empower Latina employees and create a supportive workplace environment. Here are ways to address pay disparities using these approaches:

  1. Offer Negotiation Workshops: Provide negotiation workshops and training sessions specifically designed for Latina employees. These workshops can teach negotiation techniques, boost confidence, and address any cultural or language barriers that may exist. Consider using resources like “Negotiation 101” by the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation, which offers free negotiation resources, articles, and online courses. Also, utilizing resources like online courses from platforms such as Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, or Udemy. Tools like “MasterClass” can offer expert-led negotiation courses.
  2. Offer Career & Leadership Development Programs: Invest in educational programs and courses that help Latina employees acquire the skills and qualifications necessary for higher-paying roles. These can include scholarships, tuition assistance, or access to online courses. Consider partnering with platforms like “Coursera for Business” to provide a wide range of online courses. Additionally, “Harvard Business Review” offers leadership development resources and articles to support leadership training.
  3. Offer Financial Literacy Workshops & Resources: Workshops that cover financial literacy topics, such as budgeting, investing, and retirement planning, to help Latinas manage their finances effectively. Utilize resources like “National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)” provide free financial education materials, “” from the U.S. government, which provides financial education materials and tools, or financial management apps like “Mint” or “Personal Capital” to assist with personal finance management.

These steps and resources can be found in the HACE Leadership Programs and SHENIX. Please consider HACE and SHENIX to be your partner in eliminating Latina Equal Pay Day for once and for all.

Fill out this interest form to participate in HACE’s Mujeres de HACE three day experience which will focus on Empowering Latinas to lead with confidence and create impact in their lives with a Jefa Leadership mindset.

It’s essential to create a holistic approach that combines negotiation skills and education to effectively tackle the pay gap faced by Latina employees. Organizations should also be committed to measuring and reporting progress to ensure that these initiatives are making a meaningful impact on pay equity.

Warmest regards,
Patricia Mota