Women’s Leadership Program

Gigi Alfonso
Talent Acquisition Bus. Partner
MdH Alumna – Chicago 2016

I attended the Mujeres de HACE program to sharpen my skills as a strategic leader, thinker, and communicator. The experience was so powerful and full of impact. The Mujeres de HACE program is exceptional! Just the right mix of assessments, skill building, and reflection. I graduated from the program feeling more confident, competent, and effective leader.

Joannitte Rodriguez
Director Global Media Distribution
MdH Alumna – NYC 2017

Mujeres de HACE has been an incredible learning and networking opportunity I was not expecting to enjoy as much… or learn as much… or laugh as much as I have with the great cohort of Spring/Summer in NYC. This program has been such a blessing!

Linda Lang
Executive Coordinator
Freddie Mac
MdH Alumna – McLean 2016

I invested 14 weeks in MdH and got a lifetime of resources to develop professionally and also partner up with empowering women to make a difference in our communities and the world.

Jennifer Lubrani Cisneros
JLC Strategies
MdH Alumna – D.C. 2016

As a Latina professional, Mujeres de HACE has been a good experience to be able to learn, connect and give back.

Lindsay Orantes
Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
MdH Alumna – NYC 2017

Although I originally signed up for the program to develop my leadership skills, I am now finding myself more greatly inspired by the women in my cohort and the community we are building through our shared experiences and stories.

Miosotis Soto
Communication Specialist
MdH Alumna – D.C 2017

Mujeres de HACE has been a wake-up call and motivational sequence of seminars and connections that have reinforced my goals and path for my career and personal life.