We at HACE get phone calls each week from job seekers asking if they really need to attend events in order to land their next job opportunity. The job seekers claim that they should be able to get a call back from recruiters just by submitting their resume. Many times they skip on attending great networking and hiring events because they think that sending in their resume should do the trick. The reality of the matter is that showing up and networking with hiring managers and recruiters is still the best way to land a job.

The following are some tips to make the most of your interactions with recruiters and hiring managers:

  1. Research the companies that will be at a particular networking event
  2. Research the jobs that you like with those companies
  3. Apply to the job/s
  4. Write down the job/s you have applied for
  5. Prepare your elevator speech before you attend the networking event
  6. Dress as if you were attending a job interview when you go to the networking event
  7. Approach the recruiters and hiring managers and share your elevator speech
  8. Let the recruiters and hiring managers know what job you have applied for and why you are a good fit for the job
  9. Ask the recruiters and hiring managers if there is anything else you can do to ensure you are considered for a particular job opportunity
  10. Before thanking them for time ask if you can connect with them via LinkedIn

Many recruiters and hiring managers mention that after they meet a candidate at an event, they go back to their database and pull their resume from the system. They then ensure that the resume gets transferred to the appropriate department. Keep in mind that companies receive thousands of resumes on a daily basis. Other hiring managers schedule interviews with job seekers right after meeting them.

Attending networking events gives you the opportunity to show hiring managers and recruiters that you are willing to do more than apply for a job online and that you are really interested in working in a particular company.
The following are the next coaching sessions scheduled at HACE that can help you polish your resume and elevator speech so that you can attend networking events and land a job!