McDonald’s as a company has a strong partnership with the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, and it continues to look for ways to further support HACE. As an individual employee of McDonald’s with a passion for training and people development, I am very interested in your organization’s mission. I’ve dedicated my life’s work at McDonald’s to ensuring we are giving our people the tools and resources needed to advance in the company and succeed in life. I have worked my way up through the ranks at McDonald’s and understand how critically important those components are to a person’s success. From a crew person in Uruguay to a Vice President of QSC within McDonald’s USA – I would not be where I am today if it were not for people who believed in developing leaders and growing talent through training. I would now like to pay it forward by contributing my time, business expertise, training experience, passion for people development, and resources within the McDonald’s network. As a new HACE board member, I consider it a great privilege to help the next generation of Hispanic leaders grow and enhance their careers.

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