I had been working an internship for six months as I looked for a paying job when a friend of mine recommended I attend a Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) career fair. This was not the first career fair I had attended but it was the fair where human resource professionals actually took the time to help me build my resume one-on-one. Having a career coach talk to me about my path really boosted my confidence which had been dwindling after six months of unsuccessful job hunting. But that’s not the best part of the HACE career fair I attended in July 2011. Three weeks after attending the career fair I was working a full-time job with Enterprise Rental Car. Enterprise was one of the fifteen companies represented at the career fair. I took the time to speak with every company there ,but I sensed immediately after talking with the Enterprise representatives that I had made a good impression. I chatted with the recruiters at the Enterprise booth for about ten minutes then we scheduled a time for me to have a professional interview later on that week. Two weeks and three interviews later, I had the job. I have been working at Enterprise for about two months now and I am truly excited about the opportunities this company has to offer. The first step of my career has now begun and I have HACE to thank for it.

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