I received my first HACE email in 2006, just before graduating from college with a degree in Industrial Engineering. At the time, I viewed HACE as one of many organizations that could potentially assist me in my job search and at the very least, help me keep my options open. Little did I know this email would turn into immense gratitude as I began to correspond with Steve Marcial, an account manager for HACE. From the beginning Steve took sincere interest in making sure that I was notified of opportunities that matched my background and skill set. He would often personally introduce me to the recruiting decision makers and help me navigate through the sea of company reps. At times, I wondered if he was getting a commission for some of the introductions he was giving me. HACE created the opportunities for me to reach second round interviews with Marathon Oil and Caterpillar. In 2008, Steve insisted that I attend a “Getting to know Spectra Energy night” that was being hosted by HACE. I was reluctant to go because I had just obtained a new job and my experience / degree did not match what was posted in the job description flyer. Nevertheless, I caved and on that night the stars aligned for what has now become 7 years with Spectra Energy. During this time I have transitioned from the designer of capital expansion projects, to the manager of these very projects. I am indebted to the considerate and persevering nature of the HACE organization, and have stayed willing to help whenever I can to spread the word.

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