Eloy Gutierrez is a Staff Analyst at Phillips 66 and the Houston Chapter President.

In 2008, someone at the University of Houston suggested Eloy check out HACE for advice on career enhancement. Initially, he was only looking to have his resume reviewed, but his encounter with the organization was just the beginning of a valuable networking connection. Having someone point out mistakes on a resume is now one of Eloy’s favorite memories with HACE. He appreciated the constructive criticism he received because he wanted to “grow professionally.” Eloy said if it hadn’t been for HACE’s career fair, he “would probably still have that error” on his resume.

Eloy continues being part of HACE because he has gained the opportunity to network with professionals and build relationships. He’s connected with professionals who are able to provide resources while providing moral support.

“One of the things HACE has taught me is that it’s important to be and stay connected because it’s important to develop,” he said.

Eloy is continuously motivated by the drive of those who he’s met through the organization. Earlier this year, Eloy Gutierrez was elected as the new president of the Houston Professional Chapter. Prior to his recent position, he served as the Vice President of Student Programs, coordinating events for HACE’s el Futuro high school program. He has helped promote and lead HACE’s annual University Leadership Day, which helps university students connect to recruiters and provides professional development sessions.

During his free time, Eloy enjoys latin dancing as a stress-reliever. Because of his commitment to the youth, he volunteers for a high school youth program at church. Eloy would like to continue giving back to younger generations by teaching accounting/business classes to high school students after he has retired.

For him, being Latino means “defining expectations, being loyal and having passion. When there’s passion, you can see what can be produced.”

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eloy-gutierrez-jr-a8ba427

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