I heard about HACE from the organization that I am a part of, Alpha Psi Lambda. A friend knew that I was looking for an internship this summer so she kept an eye out for the whole organization and shared any opportunity she saw would be a perfect fit for us. HACE is definitely a perfect fit for me because of its friendly and welcoming environment. I decided to take part in HACE because of their vision and goal. It matched my club involvement at my school. HACE has benefited me greatly in the networking aspect since the organization hosts various networking events throughout the Chicago area for Hispanics/Latinos. Being the Marketing and Communication intern at HACE, I have learned how to manage various forms of social media as well as networking. Networking was one of my greatest fears, but I am proud to say I have conquered this fear. By attending networking events through HACE, I have been able to build the confidence to approach professionals with ease. My favorite memory at HACE would have to be the MyHabanero Black and White Gala. It was my very first networking event with HACE. The snacks, music and overall atmosphere were incredible and something I was entirely new to. I met a few interesting individuals that made me feel welcomed and inspired to pursue my career goals. My friends would describe me as a person who knows how to have fun, but also knows how to take care of business. I sometimes do random things out of the blue to bring a smile to people’s faces. Just a few days ago, I decided to surprise one of my close friends from high school with her favorite Starbucks coffee. In a penguin costume.

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