A recent media studies graduate from Marquette University, Jazmine began her marketing and communications internship with HACE. She heard about the internship through a networking event that was being held by HACE. Her father encouraged her to explore the organization. So she did. As she browsed online she realized that HACE was looking for a marketing and communications intern. She applied and is grateful for the opportunities and experiences she has gained thus far.

Some of her duties consist of creating social media calendars, scheduling posts, searching for articles that will help individuals get ahead in their professional fields, she also writes stories about people’s experience within HACE.

Jazmine hopes to build her networking skills during her time here and she hopes to continue in the field of media.

”I’ve learned that many little factors play into the success of an event and overall, an organization. This requires a hard working set of people who are able and willing to collaborate with one another in order to set these factors into motion. Being a part of HACE for almost a month, I have been able to see the team excel at this. They sure have a lot on their plate, but they manage to make everything work. At HACE, I’ve gained a great network of people to connect with.”

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