The secretary for the HACE chapter at IIT, Jennifer Romero, first came across HACE when she decided to check out the Student Organization fair at her school. She was new to the school and didn’t really know what clubs were offered to students, but it was the LIFE|HACE table that really caught her attention. She decided to attend the first few general body meetings, and eventually decided that the club was something she undoubtedly wanted to be a part of at IIT.

“LIFE|HACE caught my attention because it felt like something familiar, something welcoming. It was inspiring to see a group of young Latinos working hard to obtain their careers and make a difference. This was a group I could talk to and become a part of. ”

Through her involvement with LIFE|HACE, she began to attend HACE University Leadership Network (ULN) events and became more active with the organization. Jennifer feels as though HACE ULN has become a support group for so many of the members.

“We are together and working toward similar goals. One of the ideas that really resonates with the group is that we have to help each other, as a community, to get to better places.”

Being a part of HACE ULN has helped Jennifer prepare to enter the professional world. She has learned about networking, how to best present yourself and has met many inspiring Latino professionals, who are living proof that Latinos are capable of getting to very high places. Most of all, she’s realized that there are a lot of people willing to help, if you are willing to reach out to them.

Aside from growing professionally, Jennifer has been able to gain friendships from being a part of HACE ULN. Some of her favorite memories took place at their monthly Saturday meetings where she was able to spend time with the ULN members from other schools.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and share some laughs. In addition to that, we get to discuss what’s coming up and we get to share what each chapter has been doing at their schools. It’s motivating to see what the group has already accomplished and to see what we’re hoping to accomplish in the future.”

Jennifer describes her Latina roots as there never being a dull moment.

“I’m part of a hardworking, creative and expressive community. We value family, unity and we’re not going to let others tell us we can’t accomplish our goals.”

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