I heard about HACE through a friend who is currently serving on the Young Professionals Board. After learning about HACE and the Young Professionals Board, I knew joining the organization was the right move for me. At the time, I was wrapping up my MBA and was getting ready to step down from my position as President of the MBA Association so, having another network to stay connected with young professionals was ideal. Being in an MBA program, it can often be hard to find other professionals of color and being a part of HACE allows me the opportunity to network and engage with other professionals of color.

I was just elected as the Marketing Chair for the Young Professionals Board. Essentially, I will be responsible for developing a marketing strategy for the upcoming year, managing all of the marketing and communications for YPB, and managing the various social media platforms in order to increase member and community engagement. Most importantly, I want to be a part of taking HACE to their next level and helping the organization in meeting and exceeding their goals. At this point, it’s too early to tell what I’ve learned, but I can say that I have gained a whole new network of rock star professionals. I am really excited to collaborate with HACE’s network and to get to know them on a more personal level.

The closest person to me would probably describe me as a social butterfly and extremely driven. If I set my mind to something, I will do it and do it well (except achieve my fitness goals, I feel like that’s a never ending battle for many of us). Nonetheless, the closest person to me would definitely say that I am a self-motivated and overall, fun person to be around.

One of my hobbies would have to be traveling. It’s the most educational and fulfilling experience one can have. You not only learn so much about yourself, but the world. You become a little more empathetic, a lot more open minded and overall, a more well-rounded person when you step out of your comfort zone into new and different environments.

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