Community Public Health Outreach Manager IL Dept of Public Health When I first learned about Mujeres de HACE the timing couldn’t had been more perfect. I had reached a point in my career where I had increasing leadership and management responsibilities and I felt not well prepared. I was attracted to the program because its focus is on providing both personal and professional growth and empowerment within the context of being a Latina. This was very important to me because our experiences are very unique to other racial/ethnic groups. The program was very enlightening and I had several “aha” moments. Although I considered myself to be a strong, independent woman I found that, in very subtle ways, I gave into traditional gender roles. In doing so I was really holding myself back from advancing in my career and not taking calculated risks. This self awareness was critical and has helped me to achieve professional goals I have set for myself. In addition, the program helped me to identify my leadership style, how to capitalize on it and when to consider using other leadership styles. In doing so, my professional life has brought me a sense of personal satisfaction and enjoyment that I had not experienced prior to going through the program. Thank you HACE!

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