As a senior at UIC soon to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, I’ve reflected back at all my accomplishments I’ve made throughout these past five years. As a freshman in college I was nervous to know how my life was going to change. I began school with the routine of going to classes then straight home. The phrase “College isn’t easy” will never be as significant until you have experienced the college life. Once your life begins to change as a college student you’ll realize that everything cannot be done alone and that you need more than education. I advise others to stop the routine and experiment different opportunities that are provided for us in college. College is more than education, it is an experience through the choices you make. That’s when as a junior, I was introduced to HACE’s University Leadership Network at UIC. HACE has given me the confidence, experience, support and family that is needed as a college student. Thanks to HACE I have gotten experience as a Vice president, Treasurer and an intern as an El Futuro coordinator. I have found the support needed as a Latina to be successful in the professional world. I give thanks to HACE for preparing me for my future and for letting me be part of the HACE family. #WeAreHACE

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