An email about the Mujeres de HACE Leadership Program in 2010 caught my eye. I am grateful to have participated in this program as it came at a critical point in my life. Having recently been promoted to Director at the time, it was challenging looking past this role and I knew deep down that I could accomplish so much more. I enjoyed the sessions, instructors and interaction with the amazing women in the program who shared heartfelt stories, struggles and successes. As for my own story, after my father passed away when I was a baby, my mother was left a widow with 8 kids and no means to support them in Mexico. She made the decision to emigrate to the United States in order to give her family a chance at life. Being an immigrant with modest beginnings made me realize the importance of education and my entire life my mother and siblings supported this aspect of my life. HACE embodies everything my amazing mother taught me and I am committed to sharing my story if it means I can help others. The MdH program empowered me to take a more active role in my personal and professional life. Since the program, I served on the MdH Alumnae Board for almost 3 years; have been promoted to Vice President of my company; was the recipient of the HACE Emerging Leader Award in 2015, and now proudly serve on the National Board of Directors for HACE. #WeAreHACE.

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