I was recruited to HACE early on because of my background in EEOO / AA and expertise in diversity recruitment and multicultural professional development. I became a founding board member and later Vice President of Programs. I have continued my involvement as a volunteer by presenting professional development workshops, contributing career management articles and creating and occasionally managing the annual Conference Career Help Center. While our primary focus was Hispanic professionals and executives, we believed that building programs and relationships to serve all levels of the Latino career pipeline was critical to empowerment of our community. We created an organization that lives its mission, resulting in tens of thousands of Latinos who have participated in HACE programs and are now giving back to our community. HACE is unique in that it serves all Latino professionals on a national level. It collaborates with industry-specific professional associations, and offers a venue to those who do not have access to other organizations. HACE also provides a critical advocacy and consultative role to employers on the recruitment, retention and advancement of Latino professionals. I have lifelong person and professional relationships because of my 25 years of involvement in HACE. Every day I apply my experiences to my diversity-inclusion and multicultural career management practices.

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