Recognized as a luchador or fighter amongst friends, Oscar Cazalez, is a persistent first-generation, undocumented Latino who has never given up on his dreams. Being President of the HACE ULN chapter at IIT, Oscar was persuaded to join the organization his sophomore year due to it’s warm welcoming as well as the professional opportunities that were offered. As president, he is not only responsible for impacting the Latino/a student body by bringing impactful speakers to IIT’s campus, but as the face of HACE ULN at his campus he feels the pressure to represent it wholeheartedly. Throughout his time at HACE, Oscar has been able to meet successful Latinos/Latinas from different professional fields, which has allowed him to learn a great deal. His background has instilled in him a personal responsibility to the younger generation as well as his community. He attributes his success to his parents who have inspired him most in his life. “They left everything behind in Mexico to give me a shot at the American dream.”

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