I joined the HACE University Leadership Network my sophomore year, since I wanted to become more active on my campus. As a first-generation Latino college student, adjusting to college and the expectations was difficult because everything felt unreal to me. It wasn’t until entering UIC that I actually started to think about having a career and becoming a professional and was in need of help. Through HACE, I have been able to build networking and professional skills that have been beneficial to me, especially since I am currently in the process of looking for internships. Being involved in HACE has also taught me not doubt myself because I’ve had the privilege of meeting others that were able to overcome similar obstacles that I have faced to reach where they are at now. As the Outreach Coordinator of UIC HACE Student Chapter, I make sure to motivate others to take into account the importance of networking in the very competitive job market. I am grateful for being a part of HACE and I am ready for the challenges that I will face.

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