HACE has opened doors for me in many ways. Through my university leadership network I have built relationships with other students, became an executive board member, and now a leader by example for other university students. As a Marketing Intern for HACE I have gained experience in my field, expanded my professional network, and have even learned a few things about myself. Through events like the Sembrando El Futuro Gala and the ULN Career Day, I met many empowering Hispanic professionals that are similar to me, seeing them being part of HACE and fulfilling their dreams has been inspirational. I now know that there’s more to being a leader than just being “the boss”. When I first started college, I never thought about the things that I think about now. Giving back to our communities has become something that I strongly value. Empowering one another by mentoring, career development, and through networking events are ways I plan to give back now and in the future. I have gained a new level of confidence from this experience. I take with me new goals that I plan to reach, friendships with people that inspire and empower me every day, and want to grow as a professional.

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