As a freshman in college, I did not know what career path to follow. After exploring my options, the following academic school year, I discovered sociology! Coming from a financially-challenged family, sociology was not an ideal path to follow. Instead, my family wanted me to pursue a career in law, management or medicine. It took a few thorough arguments to convince them sociology was what I wanted to pursue. I remained fairly new to college. I did not participate in any organizations or activities until I attended UIC’s Involvement Fair, which HACE was a part of. After learning the history and the mission of HACE, I had established an instant connection with the organization. Over the years, HACE has provided me with opportunities and has assisted on developing my professional, leadership, communication, networking and cultural skills. In addition it has allowed me to give to my community. As Vice President of the HACE UIC Chapter, I am devoted to give our members what HACE has passed down to me and encourage them to follow their own career aspirations.

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