Yanira Gonzalez

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Partnership Engagement Manager

Yanira Gonzalez is the Partnership Engagement Manager for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, where she continues to ensure strong relationships between the organization and its partners. As a child, Yanira was never seen without a book in her hands. The love that she had for reading expanded to an adoration for writing, which she has channeled throughout the years by worked as an editor and writer for a number of publications.

Not only is Yanira skilled in writing and general communications, she is also deeply enamored by the human spirit and extremely passionate about uplifting marginalized communities by providing equal access to resources that ensure success. From her work on publications dedicated to giving the disenfranchised a voice, to her previous involvement with the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and the Latino Real Estate Investors Council (LREIC), she has channeled her passions for communication and humanity into everything she does. Yanira continues to advocate for the representation of Latinos and other marginalized communities in all aspects of society.